Omega d.o.o. and Beko again in the role of sponsor of another wonderful story

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 We are proud to announce that we have supported this year as well Sloboda - Tuzla chess club.
 In the period 17-25.09.2021. The Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina in chess was held in the hotel Zenit in Neum, where the Tuzla Chess Club Sloboda participated with a men's and women's team.
 Investing in activities like these is a big step in improving the intellectual and economic spheres of a society with great potential for success and progress. With such support, we contribute to the community as a whole. Chess is actually a fantastic game that, in addition to fun, also serves to develop useful skills in everyday life. Also, one of the biggest benefits of playing chess is practicing focus, but also creativity! Chess is extremely useful for the intellectual development of children.
 Omega d.o.o. and Beko are aware of the importance of investing in socially useful activities like this, and therefore we have been trying to support them for many years, and they have been achieving enviable results for years, representing our city and our community in the best light.
 Tuzla Chess Club "Sloboda" was founded in 1970, and has been in the RSD family "Sloboda" since 1984. At the first official appearance of the chess club in 1972, the first significant success was achieved. In that period, the club had about 300 active members. The club played in the Second Chess League of BiH for 12 years, and twice had the opportunity to become the Yugoslav first league. In the period 1992-95, the chess club held about 500 tournaments at the local level. The biggest success of the club after 1995 was winning the BiH Cup. It was the team champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina several times.
Omega d.o.o. wishes good luck to the Tuzla Chess Club "Sloboda" in their further work.
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